Five Foolproof Spider-Prevention Tips For Annapolis, MD Homeowners

May 20, 2021

Many of us would admit to some level of arachnophobia. Fear of eight-legged, multi-eyed arachnids is common. We get it. Spiders are unwelcome pests in your Annapolis, MD home. That is why Pest Czar is offering  Annapolis, MD homeowners five foolproof spider-prevention tips.

wolf spider in basement

Annapolis, MD Spiders

Unlike areas in the rainforests of South America or the deserts in the southwest United States, there are no killer tarantulas or (the world's most dangerous spiders-phoneutria spiders) lurking about in Annapolis But even the spiders we encounter in our homes can bite. And they simply are not welcome. 

Do you want to get to know the spiders common to your area? There are two common Annapolis, MD spiders to keep an eye out for. The wolf spider might look terrifying with its dark, hairy body, but it rarely bites. This spider does not spin webs like other spiders. Instead, it outmaneuvers its prey.

While spider bites are rare, some spiders in the U.S. have venom that is a cause for concern. Black widows are another spider you might come across in your basement or garage in Annapolis, MD These 1 ½-inch spiders prefer dark, quiet areas. They are commonly identified by their black color and the elaborate colored hourglass on their abdomen. After spinning their webs, the female spider will wait for her prey. The black widow is considered the most poisonous spider in North America. Its venom is potent. Within minutes you will experience intense pain that could last 12 hours. In many cases, people need medical attention. However, there’s good news. Even though these spiders hang out in the Annapolis area, they don’t bite unless they are threatened.

Why Are Spiders In My Home?

Spiders are amazing predators that eat insects and pests like ants, mosquitos, and roaches. They are the world’s most consistent pest control management team. Many times, though, they find their way into a home following or hunting insect prey. Spiders may be attracted to moisture in the basement, crawl space, or bathrooms. You may see more and more spiders as they emerge for mating season.

Five Prevention Tips To Keep Spiders Out 

Are you ready for five prevention tips to keep spiders out of your Annapolis, MD home?

1. Proper trash and food storage: Trash and improperly stored food attract all kinds of insects and rodents. While spiders may not climb onto your kitchen counter at night looking for a snack, guess who will? The spider’s dinner! By properly storing food and trash, you’re basically un-inviting spiders from enjoying a regular insect meal at your expense.

2. Clearing clutter: Spiders tend to live in dark, undisturbed areas like many of their buggy prey. Have you ever had one scamper out from under a pile of dirty laundry? Spiders may seek out these places for their eggs. Clearing clutter helps get you more visibility and decreases the chances that spiders will stay in your house.

3. Sweeping away webs: Spiders tend to create webs in high places like wall corners and doorways. Their webs trap unsuspecting bugs that they can eat for dinner. Sweep them away, and spiders may seek out an area outside your home to build their next web.

4. Addressing moisture issues and potential points of entry: Spiders can enter small gaps in your foundation or slip through broken screens. Many times, they will come inside for moisture. So do a lot of other pests. By sealing holes and gaps, replacing broken screens, and installing door sweeps, you are keeping spiders and a host of other pests out of your house.

5. Clearing yard debris and storing firewood away from the home: The same thing that attracts spiders inside attracts them outside. Spiders will make their homes where they can find other insects to eat. For this reason, it’s important to clear any yard debris that might be a habitat for spiders or other bugs. Store firewood away from your house.

The best way to deal with pests, small and creepy-crawly, is with on-going professional assistance. That’s where Pest Czar can help by providing comprehensive pest packages to fit your needs. Don’t let spiders haunt your nightmares, call Pest Czar today.

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