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an oriential cockroach crawling along a washington dc kitchen counter top

Why Call Pest Czar About Cockroaches In Your D.C. Home   

October 15, 2019

Cockroaches do not belong inside homes. It's that simple. Unlike our chosen pets, who we adopted for their love and companionship, cockroaches add nothing good to our lives! When roaches get into homes, disease can result, as they contaminate everything they touch with their tiny feet.... Read More

cockroaches crawling on a dc kitchen counter top

When Creepy Cockroaches Breach Your D.C. Home

September 17, 2019

Unlike a human thief, cockroaches don’t need fancy lock-picking tools or hacking skills to get into your house. All they need is a small crack or gap, and they will get past all of your home's defenses. Roaches may be hiding somewhere in your house right now, as you read this.... Read More

a small light is peeking through a dark crevice in between the walls of a baltimore maryland home showing the colony of swarming termites

Are Termites Still A Threat For Baltimore Homeowners?

August 16, 2019

Has your home made it this far without being invaded by termites? Now, we know this last question may catch you off guard, but we are talking about termites today and finding out if your home is currently at risk is our number one priority.... Read More

the long legs of a mosquito are perched on the hairy skin of a dc resident as the msquito is biting through the skin

Why Call Pest Czar When Mosquitoes Start Biting Around D.C.

June 18, 2019

How often is your nice time outdoors ruined by pesky mosquitoes? If it feels like you are slapping mosquitoes outdoors more than enjoying the fresh air, chances are you are in need of professional pest control. If this is the case, stick around, we have some information you will want to read.... Read More

a person checking the customer portal on a laptop in washington dc

Benefits Of The Customer Portal

March 14, 2019

Pest Czar offers our Customer Portal as part of our commercial pest control programs, so you can access your service records, confidential documents, and images that we’ve digitally stored from our service visits.... Read More

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