Do I Need Professional Bed Bug Treatments For An Infestation In Baltimore?

Discovering a bed bug infestation is most homeowners’ worst nightmare – and figuring out the best way to handle it can be challenging. Over-the-counter insecticides and home remedies like rubbing alcohol may promise results, but are these DIY techniques actually effective? And when do you know if you need professional help?

Here’s what Baltimore homeowners should understand about why getting rid of bed bugs on your own isn’t a good idea, why DIY solutions aren’t permanent, and when to contact the professionals for help.

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Why DIY Methods For Bed Bug Control Aren’t Effective In Baltimore, MD

If you ask around about home remedies for bed bugs, you’ll hear everything from rubbing alcohol and essential oils to scented dryer sheets – but do these remedies really work?

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is a popular remedy for bed bugs because it kills bugs, and their eggs, on contact. However, rubbing alcohol can only take care of the bugs you see, and while it may put a dent in your problem, it’s not effective for eliminating an entire bed bug infestation.

Essential Oils

Some essential oils, like peppermint, are known to repel bed bugs by their scent. While using essential oils in your home may be a good prevention technique, it won’t do much if you’ve already got an infestation on your hands.

Scented Dryer Sheets

Like essential oils, the scent of dryer sheets may repel bed bugs from hanging out in a specific area, but this isn’t a permanent solution. Even if you place them around your home, bed bugs are crafty enough to simply find a new hiding place.

Baking Soda

Just like it absorbs moisture if you put it in the fridge, baking soda can also suck the moisture out of a bed bug’s body. This home remedy can be lethal for pests, but to be effective, every single bed bug must crawl through the baking soda – and the chances of that happening are usually low.

Most of the time, baking soda may take care of some of your infestation, but the remaining bed bugs will find a new hiding spot.

Diatomaceous Earth

As a home remedy for many pests, including bed bugs, many people speak wonders about diatomaceous earth. This powder is made from sedimentary rock, and the tiny shards in it are known to kill insects.

However, using diatomaceous earth has its downsides. Not only will you need to sprinkle it in every crack and crevice to get rid of an infestation, but those microscopic shards can also get into your lungs and cause damage, too – so it’s not always safe for you and your family.

Do OTC Insecticides Work For Bed Bugs In Baltimore, MD?

In addition to home remedies, there are a lot of big box stores that sell insecticides. With these products, you’re using a chemical solution that’s designed to kill bed bugs, but you’ll still need to apply the product yourself.

Not only can some of these insecticides be toxic for you or your family, but like any DIY method, they require you to know the location of every single bed bug. Insecticides might wipe out part of your bed bug problem. However, in most cases the survivors will relocate and begin rebuilding their numbers.

All it takes is missing one or two bed bugs for these pests to restart the infestation and make you go through the entire process again.

When To Contact The Professionals For Bed Bugs In Baltimore, MD

Home remedies and insecticides may effectively kill the bed bugs you see, but they can’t eliminate the ones you don’t. As bed bug infestations grow, they may spread their colonies out into several rooms of your house – including the bedroom, living room, and furniture.

Rather than waste time and money on products that won’t be effective (and will just give the infestation more time to grow), the best way to handle a bed bug problem in Baltimore is with professional help – and that’s what we do at Pest Czar.

If you see signs of a bed bug problem around your Baltimore home, there’s no reason to wait any longer or spend money on DIY methods. Call us at Pest Czar today for more information about our effective (and permanent) bed bug solutions.

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